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Do Night Splints Reduce Pain?

You may be asking what are night splints? I had never heard of them until researching plantar fasciitis on the internet.

Night splints are a form of a leg and foot brace. The idea is to keep the foot flexed fully as if you were standing. Part of the brace goes under the foot with a strap that attaches to your calf. Some look something like a padded downhill ski boot with an open front closed by velcro straps.

The theory behind a night splint is that keeping the foot fully extended will prevent the foot ligaments from relaxing and contracting while you sleep. This helps to eliminate pain when getting out of bed. That first step fully stretches the ligaments when you get up causing pain, sometimes severe pain. The exercise in my free report includes an exercise to help eliminate morning plantar fasciitis pain. Request it in the box on the right.

Personally, I have not tried a night splint. By the time I discovered them, my plantar fasciitis had healed. Reading other’s comments in plantar fasciitis forums, there has been mixed results. Some have found them helpful. One fellow couldn’t stand the splint and ripped it off halfway through the night. It seems as if it may keep your leg from relaxing as well which could become uncomfortable. It may also be cumbersome, like sleeping with a big boot on.

In any case, it may be worth a try. They vary in price starting from $35 each depending on the style.  I suggest checking the return policy when purchasing so that it can be returned if it doesn’t help you.

Wishing you pain free feet.

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